About Me

林兴陆,人称小林。FogWorks 联合创始人,80 后互联网老兵,17 岁加盟瀛海威,先后还曾在润迅集团、恒基伟业任职。2000 年曾与刘韧等共同发起 DoNews,并和蔡文胜等组建、收购过多家软件、网络公司,其中参与组建并任 CTO 职务的 265 网站已于 2007 年出售给 Google。

Xinglu LIN is a post-80s who has rich working experiences in IT industry. He joined InfoHighWay at the age of 17, later hopped to China Motion, Hi-Tech Wealth, etc. In 2000, he co-developed DoNews together with Ren LIU. Then he participated in founding many Internet companies with Wensheng CAI. He co-founded and was appointed as CTO of 265.com, which was sold to Google in 2007.